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僕の”フリーカラー”ペン。My “Free Color” pen. #ginzablow 〜 銀三郎

My “Free Color” pen. My “Free Color” pen. #ginzablow 〜 銀三郎




i think it’s cute when someone admits they have a crush on you

i think it’s a fucking miracle 


Obviously June is doing something right with her daughters, because when I was Alana’s age I was probably the same size as her and the last word I used to describe myself (my size anyways) at that age was cute. I hope I raise my children to have a positive body image like honey boo boo and her family.


Felix Kaltherzig, still in the single digits and apparently already multi-tasking. If only this actually dropped the hygiene need while washing the dishes, instead of just making me wtf every goddamn time it happens.

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As the Grand Prix plunges into its final chapter, the P-1 Climax is…

Bear-ly getting started!

Title: its exactly what it looks like.


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